Introducing the new TATA DOCOMO Credit Card Standing Instruction (SI) processing system!

This is a new centralized TATA DOCOMO SI system wherein you can set up an auto debit instruction (standing instruction) for regular debits of your bill amount.

Set up an Auto Pay / Standing Instruction (SI) to pay through Credit Card:

  • Enter your TATA DOCOMO Account Number
  • Enter your TATA DOCOMO Mobile / Photon / Walky Wireline / Account Number on which you wish to register SI along with your email ID.
  • Your details will be verified with the billing system.
  • Provide the credit card details
  • Provide the Credit Card details that you wish to use to set up the SI
  • You will then be redirected to your issuing bank where you need to enter your secure VBV/ MSC password
  • You will be required to complete a Rs 2/- payment authorisation to confirm your SI registration
  • That's it! Your SI registration is completed and you will receive an online acknowledgement
  • Your SI registration is now completed
  • You will receive an online acknowledgement through email/ SMS confirming the date when your auto pay will start.