Online Registration for ICICI Bank Bill Pay
Forget it! Stop worrying about your bills.
ICICI Bank Bill Pay is a simple and convenient service through which you can set up a Standing Instruction on your ICICI Bank Account for payment of your utility bills.
Register now in 3 simple steps:
Step 1 - Set up your ICICI Bank Account for Bill Pay
Provide the details of your ICICI Bank Account that you wish to use for setting up the Standing Instructions.
Step 2 - Select your location
Choose the location of your biller and select the biller from the available list.
Step 3 - Add your billers
Enter the details required for your biller. For the added biller you will be informed of the service start date.
That's it! Enjoy the convenience of ICICI Bank Bill Pay.
You need to know
You can register as many billers against the same ICICI Bank Account.
Please note down the Service Start Date for the biller that you have registered. Bills received electronically on or after this date will be processed through ICICI Bank Bill Pay. Till such time, please continue to pay your bills as you do currently.
Please ensure that you provide the correct details for the biller that you are setting up. Your bill will be processed through ICICI Bank Bill Pay subject to successful confirmation of your registration details by the biller.
Customer registration would be active only post audit verification by the auditors.
Please call at the ICICI Bank 24 hour Corporate Care centre for any assistance that you may require.
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