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With Direct Debit from my account, there are no hassles at all to get my bill paid!

Frequently asked questions

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Enjoy the convenience of paying your Airtel postpaid bills automatically through your card. We accept American Express/Diners. During your enrollment process we will taken an authorization on your card for Rs 2.00 and setup the standing instructions on your card. From your next billing cycle this card will be charged automatically for your Airtel postpaid bill amount.

Set up a Standing Instruction to pay through your credit card:

  • Benefits of Auto Pay:
  • Simple, free and secure
  • Ensures your monthly payments are paid on time
  • No reminder to set or checks to mail

Provide the credit
card details

Provide the credit card details on which you wish to set up the standing instruction.

You will be required to complete a Rs 2.00 payment authorization to confirm your registration.

In this process you will be redirected to your card issuer to authorize .

Enter your Airtel
Subscriber Details

Provide details such as your Airtel Postpaid / Landing Number, Standing Instruction and Email ID where you wish to receive an alert confirmation for the registration.

Your details will be verifed with the billing system.

Direct Debit enrollment is
complete and you will receive
an online acknowledgement

Your Direct Debit enrollment is now complete.

You will receive an acknowledgement through Email/ SMS confirming the date from which the direct debit will start.